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Kicks count wristbands

Kicks count wristbands

100% of the cost of these wristbands will go to Kicks Count to support the very important work they do, so please buy one for yourself or a pregnant friend and help support this very special charity.

From Kicks Count "It's not always easy to keep track of your baby's movements, even though it's important. Our award-winning wristbands are perfect for helping you track your baby's movement episodes, making it easier for you to get to know what's normal - and what's not.


There's no standard amount of movement that all mums should feel, the goal is to recognise your baby's unique routine. Simply move the plastic slider to the next number on the band each time you feel an episode of movement throughout the day. Our blog about wristbands gets into the nitty gritty so be sure to read it before you buy.


Don't bin it - the wristband doesn't stop being useful once your baby has arrived.

- The L and R (left and right) imprints can be used as breastfeeding reminders.

- It can be used to count pretty much anything. How often your baby feeds in a day ... how many glasses of water you drink ... how many times you forget to do you pelvic floor exercises. Anything.


- Monitor your baby for you.

- Substitute regular checks with your midwife.

- Make the tea."

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